Friday, July 8, 2011

Camera Strap winner!

Can I just say to all of you folks that commented on the embarrassing story post, you are THE best!!!
This has been the hardest decision ever to pick just one!  So, I decided to draw a name from a hat instead.

Congratulations, Steph!

I really loved this embarrassing moment:
"Ok, how about the time I went to the gym to exercise...I hit the treadmill and a few seconds later, a pair of my CLEAN undies fell out of my pant leg...on to the treadmill....oh yes, it twas one of THE most humiliating moments of my LIFE!"

Thanks again everyone who entered!  You can still get a strap if you're interested...there are several listed in the shop.  You can even get 20% off with the code "hellodearie".
xo, Dawn

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  1. I'm glad Stephanie won because that was a very embarassing embarassing moment!!