Saturday, July 23, 2011

3rd Thursdays

3rd thursdays
Every 3rd Thursday downtown Laurel has live music from local artists.  Michael and I thought it'd be a nice change from playing at church, so we signed up for this month.  Of course, miss Anne had to debut!  She sang You are my Sunshine and didn't miss a beat.  This child loves to perform and has no inhibitions about being on a stage in front of people.  I love that she is so comfortable with herself...I'm so proud of her! 
bassett hound and girl
Beware if you're around Anne and have a dog.  She will immediately relieve you of your duties and take over.  This owner and dog were so kind.
This girl LOVES dogs :)

Thanks to my friend Jeremy for all of these photos...isn't he great?!

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  1. These photos are great - the blue in the back is just stunning. Can I say that you and your family look like professionals and very natural and happy on stage.

    Cheers! Reese