Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday list :)

 Hello friends!  I would say I missed you while Blogger was having it's moment, but it was actually nice not to feel the pressure to blog.  (Really, though, I did miss you, and I'm so glad to be logged in and writing this post!)
I have also had an influx of blog ideas over the past day.  I guess that old saying is true...."you want what you can't have."  I have written these ideas down and hope to write some of these posts soon.  As for today, I'll share a list of things things I'm looking forward to this weekend:

*watching more Mad Men (I'm half way through the first season and may be hooked.)
*a little road trip to visit with family we haven't seen in a while
*sleeping past 7 am...I'm not holding my breath on this one.
*playing music with some of my favorite people
*sewing, sewing, sewing :)

P.S. I've got a giveaway coming up next week! You should be excited :D

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