Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday List: 30 things before I'm 30.

I thought it would be fun to write out 30 things I'd like to do before I turn 30...yep that's gonna be happening later this year!  These are in no certain order, and some of these things might have been done before and just need to be repeated :)

1. make Anne's quilt
in the works 7/26
2. purchase and learn photoshop
 *bought and currently learning some tricks from my sweet hubby!
3. sign up for a half marathon
4. visit a state I've never been to (trip to LA)
5. make lasagna from scratch
  *made pioneer woman's 5/21 and it was dang good :)
6. read a book a month
*I've only accomplished this one if a children's book can tons of those!
7. read the entire bible
8. ride a train
  *rode from Hattiesburg to Laurel 4/25
9.  go on a mission trip
10. start playing my guitar again
*...have actually picked it up a few times, but I wouldn't really call it playing yet.
11. make homemade bread
*Anne and I made some yummy wheat bread last week! 7/26
12. go sailing (hoping you can help with this one, Adam)
13. go to the movies by myself
saw One Day 7/29
14. take a road trip...or two
15. paint a picture that I would actually hang in my house
16. attend an outdoor concert
  *actually been to several, but Mumford and OCMS is the most memorable!
17. workout more consistently
18. make healthier eating choices
19. keep a journal
20. write letters...the real kind
I now have a pen pal and am LOVING writing letters again!
21. buy vintage clothing
22. recycle
*another ongoing thing, but I've made a point to do better at remembering the recycling can outside my door.
23. try new hair styles
*I think I've been working on this one, but it's definitely ongoing.
24. decorate my tiny apartment.
*another ongoing project, but it's coming along...I actually have new pillows on my bed :)
25. NOT cut my hair...I have a feeling this one's gonna be hard.
  *so far so good!
26. do arts and crafts with my kiddo
I have made this a priority and feel that I'm doing pretty well in this department :)
27. learn how to better use my camera 
I currently feel way more confident after have a few study sessions with Michael...I'm officially off auto!
28. go hiking
29. learn to juggle
30. organize a party for my neighbors
neighborhood cookout 9/10

whew...that was a lot harder than I thought it'd be.  As I read through my list, I automatically started thinking of things I'll have to do or change to make them happen...maybe that will be next weeks' list :)
I'm ready to start checking things off.
I hope you all have a great weekend.  I plan to have a Harry Potter marathon, sew, and spend lots of time with my husband and kid :)



  1. that's a really tough list to accomplish in a lifetime, much less a few short months! what a great goal you've made for yourself. :)

  2. It is a bit overwhelming, but a lot of these things I'm already doing. Just needed some motivation to keep going. Thanks!

  3. How inspiring!
    Funny how half of the things on your list, I want to accomplish as well!
    Good luck with marking them off!