Friday, February 25, 2011

Girls night

Unfortunately, the husband went out of town last night.  We definitely hate when we have to spend the night alone, but at least last night we got to hang out with one of the funniest people I know.  Sara and I have been friends since college, and the best thing we did together was laugh.  Usually about nothing in particular, but we just did.  Somehow when we're together everything seems funnier.
I decided since my hair isn't long enough yet, I'd try Anne with milkmaid braids.  I loved Danielle's post last week.  She looks so sweet :)
We tried out a new restaurant, had yogurt, then just hung out at our place to watch American Idol.  Of course, Anne thought she was here just to play with her.  Thankfully, Sara love it :)
It was a fun time, and I hope now that she and I live in the same town again we can do it more often!

What are some things you enjoy doing on a girls night?

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  1. Those braids are so cute!! I may try that with my hair soon :)