Friday, January 21, 2011


For those of you that know me, probably know that I'm married to a creative, computer lovin' guy.  I have ALWAYS relied on him to do my photoshopping (which isn't very much.) But, I have recently been interested in learning a little about it myself.  As I try to revamp my blog and am constantly wanting to make little changes here and there, I really see a need to learn.  This collage of photos is my first little project, and I was super excited about it! I really wanted it to be more square, but oh well...I'm sure I'll be begging Mr. Trest for help soon!  oh, and a BIG thanks to Kayla Gates for helping me get started last night :)
Just thought I'd share what I'm spending my free time doing today...hope you're all having a great Friday!
xoxo, Dawn

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  1. :D I'm so happy to see that I might have helped a little bit and that you are doing great! I know I'm no expert at photoshop by any means but I'm glad to pass down what I know!