Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 in pictures

Highlights from 2010  :)

January: I started the blog and Hello Dearie made some of our first products. 

February:  We made our first fairy doll, our little princess turned 3, and we made lots more bunnies.

March: Anne was a flower girl and went skating for the first time. We also had our first sewing class!

April: Easter Egg hunts, making Easter cookies, and we sold our house.

May: Beauty and the Beast the musical, and the END of teaching school for me!

June: playing outside, girls beach trip, and Laurel's first Cruisin' Mainstreet

July: 4th of July blueberry pie, a new apartment, and a Mad Hatter Tea party/bridal shower

August: camping trips to the lake, and Brookie's wedding

September:  Anne's first dance class and a birthday celebration

October: Loblolly Festival, Canton Flea Market, the beginning of the Christmas elves :)

November: Anne had her first sleep over, and we took advantage of the great weather for lots of bike rides

December: I ran my first half marathon, threw Michael his first surprise birthday party, and of course went to DISNEY!  ....just scroll down to read all about that.

This was definitely a year of changes and lots of exciting things. This really only scraped the top...so fun to look back on, though.

Welcome 2011!

Have a lovely Tuesday!  I'm off to teach a sewing class :)
xoxo, Dawn


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  1. Dawn! I love this post. Just might have to copy this idea! Love the recap of y'alls year. And love all the Minnie Mouse ideas for Anne's party! Precious! - Casey Lozada