Tuesday, December 21, 2010


whoa. didn't mean to go so long without posting.  we've been sooooo busy doing christmas parties and other festivities before leaving for DISNEY WORLD tomorrow.  i am super duper pumped...seriously, i can't imagine how much fun we're about to have!
last week Michael surprised me with a new camera lens.  we have been taking photos like crazy. i love it.
 Anne was a pig in her school Christmas program/nativity...last I heard they were Jewish and didn't eat pork...guess this was the only animal costume they had on hand :)  I have to say, she was the cutest little pig I've ever seen.

now on to the pics with the new lens...

...still playing with it and figuring out how it works...but loving the results so far!

My goal is to update here each day during vacation...we shall see if that works :)

if not, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS all.  and to all a good night.

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  1. Ann looks so cute in her costume. I bet she was wonderful. Have fun on your vacation. Merry Christmas. We miss you all, next door.