Monday, December 13, 2010

things I'm excited about...

  1. leaving for Disney in 8 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. the 20's and 30's Christmas party Friday night! If you're not busy, you should come :)

3. going fabric shopping today...I'm beyond excited about this!

5. having coffee in a bit :)

6. making some last minute gifts and doing some homemade wrapping 

7. having lunch with my handsome husband at our favorite spot

8. using Michael's new birthday present when it's a little warmer.

9. Anne's Christmas program at school tomorrow...they're doing the nativity, but somehow Anne got to be a pig.  Curious to see how that's going to fit in since they were Jewish.

10. things slowing down a little after Christmas...It's been at least 6 weeks since we've had a free weekend and I'm READY for some down time :)

11. training for my next half marathon!!!  ...will be starting back after Christmas!

What are some things you're excited about???

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  1. I'm totally excited about the 20's and 30's Christmas party!!! and I'm excited about our lunch/sewing date next week!!!