Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ramblings and Moulin Rouge

Lately, I've been doing a lot of thinking about this ol' blog...  I really want it to be something that reflects me as a person and things I enjoy etc. Not that it doesn't now, I just want to really embrace things that are "me." I read so many fantastic blogs that it's hard to not want to be or do things that I see others doing.  Now, once again, that's not always a bad thing. I think it's great to find inspiration from other's creativity.  I really don't consider myself a super creative person, so this is kind of hard for me. Anyway, I have no idea what this will look like or if things will change at all... Just random thoughts...

I did happen to finally watch Moulin Rouge the other night (I hate we never had our date, Erin.) I sat through the first 45 minutes thinking how ridiculous it was and that I shouldn't be watching a movie about a prostitute. After the first half, I really got caught up in the love story and the fact that they sung my most favorite Elton John song and couldn't turn it off if I wanted to. The colors were gorgeous, and can I just say that Nicole Kidman was absolutely amazing.  I didn't even know she could sing. All in all, I decided I really loved it but thank goodness Michael didn't watch, he would have hated it.  He is such a picky movie watcher.  Speaking of movies, I have yet to see the new Harry Potter movie.  I am dying to go, but haven't had anyone to go with. Michael would actually go with me to that one, but it's kind of hard with a 3 year old and living an hour from any family to keep her. No worries, though.  I'm sure it'll be just as good on DVD. right?

okay...I'll probably regret posting this crazy post in the am...but oh well, it's what's on the brain tonight.


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