Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 2: check in

Sorry to the few of you that were actually looking forward to reading a daily blog from Disney.  First of all, we stayed in the cabins at Fort Wilderness.  The only bad thing I have to say about staying there is you have to pay $10 a day for internet. So needless to say, we didn't.  In order to keep our memories and pictures organized, I have decided to do several Disney from each day we were there.  I uploaded 674 pictures last night from the week and am pretty sure you DON'T want to see them all :)  I'll try to keep that in mind bc I loved every one!

here goes....first of all, this was my FIRST time to Disney and somehow I got put in charge of planning our trip. Yes, you read that correctly.  Even though everything worked out perfectly there were a few moments of, "man, I would have done this or that if I'd only known."  I'll try to prevent these things for you first time Disney Planners :) 

1. When you arrive, don't go straight to a park to pick up your Key to the World card.  Go to your resort, if you're staying at a resort. We learned this the hard way, and then I accidentally called the guy from Hampton Inn (the place we stayed the night before) and let him try to fix why the front gate of Magic Kingdom couldn't find our tickets.  This was a little bit of a panic moment...until I realized I was talking to the Hampton Inn guy not the Disney guy...oops.

2. When you make dinner reservations etc. make them for the park you are planning to be at for that day.  This actually worked out well for us except on the first day.  Anne did Bippoti Boppoti Boutique at Downtown Disney, and we were at Magic Kingdom...for some reason I thought dtown disney was in MK.  It was definitely worth it, though!  If you have a daughter, you have to take them!  There's also one in Cinderella's Castle, if you can get in there.  We weren't that lucky.

For the rest of this day we rode Dumbo, It's a Smallworld, and several other classic rides.  We were all super tired from not getting much rest the night before, but we had dinner reservations at Raglan Road Irish Pub in Downtown Disney.  This was THE most amazing place ever!!!  We had a table right in the middle of the dining room where there were Irish dancers and an Irish band were playing. If you know me, you know the one place I love is Ireland.  The music, the dancing, the beauty, I love it all.  For some reason we forgot our camera that night...but watching Anne dancing a jig was priceless.  We left full and happy :)
After dinner, Michael, Adam, and I took advantage of late hours at MK.  We rode 4 major rides in 2 hours.  We were running from one to the next to get there in time...probably not the smartest thing after all the food we had just eaten.


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  1. oh I'm so glad yall had fun! That is such a great pic of you and Anne in front of the castle! So cute1