Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

I think this is seriously the first Veteran's Day that I have felt this heavy sense of appreciation for what our soldiers past and present have done for us.  I know, that's really sad.  Yesterday, we went to Michael's granddad's funeral in Pensacola.  Colonel James Anthony was a pilot in the army, and then was a flight instructor and retired with 32 years in the military.  I can't imagine what he and many others have sacrificed for my freedom.  I am so very thankful.
He was buried in the federal cemetery in Pensacola.  As they fired the 21 gun salute and played Taps, I had tears streaming.  Of course, I was sad that he had passed, but the whole experience was overwhelming and made me realize the sacrifice our soldiers make.  It was such an emotional time.  

So, thank you to all of you that serve or have served our country.  We are so truly blessed to have you!


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