Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Etsyversary!

One year ago today, we started our Hello Dearie etsy account.  I'm not sure if all of you know exactly how or why we started Hello Dearie, so I'll share today :)

Cyndi and I (and Michael) were all teaching in public school....we were very frustrated with many things going on and were unhappy there.  It seemed like every time we got together, which was often, we were always complaining about school.  This made family time not so the mean time, I had recently discovered etsy and even made a purchase or two. While we were traveling for Thanksgiving 2009, I had the idea that we should start our own etsy shop to take our minds off of school and do something creative.  Cyndi liked the idea but was a little skeptical...we had brainstormed lots of business endeavors before that never happened.  We decided we would make a bird pillow at first.  This was not a great start though.  I think we still have some of the first birds we made. As Christmas approached we decided we would make bunnies for Easter and kind of play with the holidays.  Since Cyndi had sewn tons of bunnies and other animals with the "country" theme in the 80's, we decided to revamp her old patterns and make them more marketable for now.  We came up with our flopsy bunny and bean bag bunny and lost count of how many we sold for Easter. We've ventured out and now have several dolls and other handmade items...who knows what we will come up with next!

We have been blown away by the response from friends, family, and etsy shoppers. This has been one of the best years ever, and hopefully Hello Dearie has lots more to come! Thank you to everyone that has supported us along the way! I'm off to photograph some little elves!

Happy Monday!

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  1. I remember when you were telling me about your etsy plans last year at church. You guys have been so successful! So excited to see what else Hello Dearie will do.