Tuesday, November 2, 2010

DIY Tuesday: simple pillow sham

I know if you're like me, I'm usually decorating my house on a budget.  I thought I'd share a little do-it-yourself today on how to create your own pillow sham.  This can be an easy and affordable way to spruce up an old sofa, chair, or bed!

step 1
Decide what size you want your pillow to be...mine is 10 by 14 inches. Cut the front of your pillow to this size and add a half of an inch for seam allowance.
 step 2
For the back, you will need two separate pieces. To get the size of each piece, take the length of your pillow, add 4 inches, then cut in half.  This will allow for an overlap in the back of your sham.

step 3
Hem the two pieces for the back on one side.  (From top to bottom)
step 4
Line up back pieces with pillow top with right sides together.  There should be about a 2 inch overlap. Pin in place.

Sew all the way around pillow using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Snip corner without cutting your seam.

step 6
Flip right sides out and insert pillow.

thanks for reading!  I hope you all had a great Tuesday!!!



  1. I could not have found this post at a better time. Thanks so much! :)

  2. I have researched this topic on the internet in every way possible, and every single page I came across the directions were not at all clear, which brings me back to what I have always said, just because you can make something doesn't mean you have the gift of teaching or can explain it clearly. This was the clearest description, and the photos made it even clearer.

    Thanks Ann