Saturday, November 6, 2010


 Today was a pretty big milestone in my life...I went to Anthropologie for THE first time ever.  Holy cow, I have never felt so giddy in a store.  How have I not been before today?  First of all, they have moss growing right on their cool is that???  I think I honestly LOVED everything I saw in the entire store, but what really impressed me were their displays.  They were absolutely beautiful and inspiring.  I just kept asking myself, who came up with this?  They are a genius!

I was too much into it to think to take photos of my own so I'll leave you with a few pics I found on good old google...enjoy!

 there were so many more, but I tried to control myself :)

Also, we came home early from the wedding weekend in Memphis because Michael's granddad in Pensacola passed away this morning. We would appreciate your prayers this week as we go through the funeral's never very fun.

Have a wonderful night!

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