Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Etsyversary!

One year ago today, we started our Hello Dearie etsy account.  I'm not sure if all of you know exactly how or why we started Hello Dearie, so I'll share today :)

Cyndi and I (and Michael) were all teaching in public school....we were very frustrated with many things going on and were unhappy there.  It seemed like every time we got together, which was often, we were always complaining about school.  This made family time not so the mean time, I had recently discovered etsy and even made a purchase or two. While we were traveling for Thanksgiving 2009, I had the idea that we should start our own etsy shop to take our minds off of school and do something creative.  Cyndi liked the idea but was a little skeptical...we had brainstormed lots of business endeavors before that never happened.  We decided we would make a bird pillow at first.  This was not a great start though.  I think we still have some of the first birds we made. As Christmas approached we decided we would make bunnies for Easter and kind of play with the holidays.  Since Cyndi had sewn tons of bunnies and other animals with the "country" theme in the 80's, we decided to revamp her old patterns and make them more marketable for now.  We came up with our flopsy bunny and bean bag bunny and lost count of how many we sold for Easter. We've ventured out and now have several dolls and other handmade items...who knows what we will come up with next!

We have been blown away by the response from friends, family, and etsy shoppers. This has been one of the best years ever, and hopefully Hello Dearie has lots more to come! Thank you to everyone that has supported us along the way! I'm off to photograph some little elves!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

What is Thanksgiving to you?

Since I was a kid, I can remember Thanksgiving being one of those holidays that you get to see people you haven't seen all year.  As a child, we always made the trek to my great grandma's house where we would see all of our cajun cousins. When she passed away it moved to my grandma's house.  Now that I'm older and married, I never see most of those cousins anymore.  Seasons of life are always very strange to me.  Last night we spent the evening with Michael's grandparents and family feasting on the usual thanksgiving meal.  As we stuffed our faces, talked, and watched Anne entertain us until we were all so tired we could barely drive home, I wondered how long this would last.  You always hear people say, "live life to the fullest," "never take anything for granted," and all these little cliches that usually make me want to throw up...but there's definitely some truth there.  I don't want to live my life waiting or looking for the next best thing.  I want to embrace the here and now and enjoy every moment I have with my sweet family. God has blessed me more than I could ever deserve. So on this day, and hopefully every other, I am thankful.

I'll leave you with a few pictures from last night...I'm sure I'll have a few more to share after our next two thanksgiving meals with other family.

Happy Thanksgiving readers!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DIY Tuesday: card holder/wallet

This little wallet makes the perfect business card holder..that's what I use mine for anyway :)  here's how I made this:

 step 1: find two fabrics, one for the outside and one for the liner.  These can be the same if you like.

step 2: Cut each piece 10 inches by 5 inches.  *not pictured but I also cut a piece of upholstery fabric to put on the inside to make it a little more sturdy.*

step 3: Line your two pieces facing each other.  If you're using an extra piece to give sturdiness, you will have this piece in between your outside and liner fabric.

step 4: Pin and sew around the entire rectangle leaving a 2 inch opening to turn out.

step 5: Turn right side out and top stitch around the entire rectangle.

step 6: Fold a little more that 1/3 of the rectangle up and pin. Leave enough at the top to have a flap.

step 7: Sew down each side back stitching at the top and bottom.
step 8: Add a small piece of velcro and you're done!  

 If you decide to make one, leave a link in the comments!  I'd love to see :)

xo, Dawn

Monday, November 22, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Yesterday, while at Michael's parents house, we decided to bring out the Christmas decor.  Since we are living in the world's tiniest apartment, I was thinking this would be our only opportunity to decorate.  I seriously couldn't think of a single spot to put our Christmas tree...BUT, today I found this super cute tinsel tree at Target.  It was perfect for our tiny space this year.  I love it, and so does Anne.  Michael has yet to see it :) I'm sure he'll love it too.

After putting the tree up, Anne and I spent the whole afternoon watching classic Christmas Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, and Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  I never realized how corny these were when I was a kid.  Anne loved them though. It was pretty much the perfect day.  I am so very thankful that I get to be home with this amazing little girl everyday, and totally worth every sacrifice we've made to make this happen.  I know I'll never regret this.

thanks for reading.


Friday, November 19, 2010

our week in photos

lunch at Southbound :)

a happy girl after her Thanksgiving feast at school

where did this pose come from???

we are loving our new owl hat...get yours here!

sorry for the lack of blogging this week.  I have been trying to finish up lots of projects and getting ready for thanksgiving next week... We are soooo ready for turkey and dressing :)

xo, Dawn


Saturday, November 13, 2010

bike riding

Since I got a road bike a few months ago, we have enjoyed lots of Saturday rides. Today Michael's parents made the trek from Bay Springs to come ride with us on the trace. It was the perfect weather and the colors of the leaves were just beautiful.  Thanks to the Brady's we have this awesome little car for Anne to ride in and she loves it...who wouldn't right? Here's a couple of shots with my phone before we left's pretty impossible to take a picture while riding a road bike for me :)

 This has been pretty much THE perfect Saturday and just what we needed!  I'm looking forward to doing a little thrift shopping this afternoon with my sister :)  soooo excited!!!

Loves, Dawn

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

I think this is seriously the first Veteran's Day that I have felt this heavy sense of appreciation for what our soldiers past and present have done for us.  I know, that's really sad.  Yesterday, we went to Michael's granddad's funeral in Pensacola.  Colonel James Anthony was a pilot in the army, and then was a flight instructor and retired with 32 years in the military.  I can't imagine what he and many others have sacrificed for my freedom.  I am so very thankful.
He was buried in the federal cemetery in Pensacola.  As they fired the 21 gun salute and played Taps, I had tears streaming.  Of course, I was sad that he had passed, but the whole experience was overwhelming and made me realize the sacrifice our soldiers make.  It was such an emotional time.  

So, thank you to all of you that serve or have served our country.  We are so truly blessed to have you!


Anne's first sleepover :)

Last night, Anne had her first little over night guest...and can I just say, they were about the cutest things you've ever seen?  BTW we are keeping Lily while her parents are out of town for the next three days.  We picked her up last night and she had her little princess suitcase, princess bed roll, and of course, her purse...soooo cute! By the time we ate at Cracker Barrel and got home, it was time for bath and unwinding...and boy were they wound up!  We decided to make a bed on the floor for them and let them watch a movie before falling asleep.  Lily picked Tinker Bell.  Anne got to pick which Tinker Bell.  They watched, then fell asleep super easily...super proud of these BIG girls!!!

Now, I'm just waiting for them to wake up...wait, I think I hear little whispers.  They are sooooo sweet!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

early bird gets the worm...

I woke up at 5am and could not go back to sleep...I kept thinking about all the things that I could get done if I just got out of the bed.  So that's what I did.  I was in Walmart of all places by 5:45 getting milk and a few other essentials.  I decided I would make breakfast for my sweet husband... Poor thing hasn't had a home cooked meal in way too long, and breakfast is what he would choose no matter what time of day it is. I seriously can't remember the last time I made my grandma's home made biscuits.

Needless to say, he was pretty darn excited!  

All this getting up early, and making a breakfast that sticks to your ribs made me think about my mamaw and papaw.  She got up every morning at least this early and made breakfast for him.  They also went to bed with the chickens :)  I'm not sure I could do this everyday, but it sure is nice once in a while.  

We are headed out of town for a funeral today, so DIY Tuesday may end up on Thursday this week...I've got something really fun planned!

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!
Love, Dawn

Saturday, November 6, 2010


 Today was a pretty big milestone in my life...I went to Anthropologie for THE first time ever.  Holy cow, I have never felt so giddy in a store.  How have I not been before today?  First of all, they have moss growing right on their cool is that???  I think I honestly LOVED everything I saw in the entire store, but what really impressed me were their displays.  They were absolutely beautiful and inspiring.  I just kept asking myself, who came up with this?  They are a genius!

I was too much into it to think to take photos of my own so I'll leave you with a few pics I found on good old google...enjoy!

 there were so many more, but I tried to control myself :)

Also, we came home early from the wedding weekend in Memphis because Michael's granddad in Pensacola passed away this morning. We would appreciate your prayers this week as we go through the funeral's never very fun.

Have a wonderful night!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

story time at the library...and a little sewing project

Today was one of those days that just doesn't happen very often...very relaxing but also very productive!  First of all, we woke up to the sound of rain.  We definitely haven't had that around here lately.  I was thinking what a great day it would be to just stay in our pajamas, but instead we got out and went to the library.  We are usually out of town on Wednesdays, so we felt like we had to take advantage of the day.  Ms. Melanie does a great job of keeping the kids attention by adding in songs with motions in between books, and Anne always comes home singing the songs or saying the rhymes....totally worth getting out in the rain!

After story time, we get to check out our books and have a little play time on the big cozy books :)


For sewing class last night, the girls made these adorable dresses for their little ones.  I was feeling a little left out and decided to make one this afternoon.  I'm not sure it's exactly Anne's style, but I really loved making this dress, and it was super easy!  So, if any of you mom's out there need a size 4t and would like to have this dress...let me know!  I think I'm giving it away!

Have a great night!
love, Dawn