Friday, October 15, 2010

the low down

Well, all in all I have to say that our first craft show was great!  We were very prepared thanks to this awesome list of things to bring to a craft show.  We set up most of our booth on Wednesday evening and got there around 6am to put out the goods Thursday morning...the rumors are true about Canton shoppers, there were people walking around shopping with flashlights!  We were so excited to make our first sale that finally came around 8 ish.

 the Element did amazing...
our booth before the goods...

 dinner at Olive Garden :)

Around noon we realized that lots of people were loving our booth and our goods...they just weren't buying them.  We were a little worried that our prices were too high.  If you are an artisan, I'm sure you have been through the question of "how much do I charge?"  We have struggled with this since we started.  Most of our items seem to take forever to make, so we tried to take that into consideration when pricing. Needless to say, around 2:00 we tried to mark some things down, but really by then most of the traffic had already come through.  We still did really well for our first show, and I think we will definitely do it again. We are really going to try to alter some of our patterns to make them easier to make so we can charge less for them....we would love for everyone to be able to get something from hello dearie :)  and on the bright side, we have a great start of inventory for November to put on etsy!

We are so thankful for our family and friends that helped us be able to do this.  We could not have done this without your help!

xoxo, Dawn

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  1. I'm glad it went well for ya'll. I hate I didn't get to go to Canton....stupid job!! LOL! And I want to buy some stuff for Christmas so put it out in the shop at Lee's!!!