Friday, September 24, 2010

fabric flowers

Well, I think I could be classified as the worst blogger ever.  Okay, that may be just a little dramatic, but I have been a little MIA lately. We have just been trucking along, getting into our little routine here. Oh, and getting ready for CANTON!  I'm getting really excited/nervous. I hope that we have lots of people come visit our booth :)

I am also working on a bouquet of flowers for a wedding cake topper for Josh and Emily's wedding...which I am super excited to attend.  They are having caramel apple cupcakes :) So far I am pretty pleased with the way the flowers are turning out. 

sorry for the awful pictures...we have terrible lighting in our apartment.

We are off to the coast this weekend for some R&R with friends and family.  I hope I take lots of pictures to share here...have a lovely weekend!
xoxo, Dawn

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