Thursday, August 12, 2010

one busy week :)

This has been such a super busy week...I feel like I need to stop. and. take. a. deep. breath.  We decided this week to try and sell our car.  We've planned on it for a while, but just now really trying.  With me staying home, we really want a car with a lower note and hopefully better gas mileage.  Also, we are selling my bike so that I can get a road bike :)  I'm excited to be able to ride with the gang.

Also, I finally got Annie Poo signed up for dance classes for the fall.  She is really excited and keeps telling people she's taking bal-la-lay...too funny!
And for you guys that know Anne, you know that she is a pretty busy child.  We've decided that she really needs to have some sort of school and interaction with other kiddos her age, so we've found a wonderful part time preschool that she will start in September.  It's just 3 days a week and half of a day.  She is going to love it!  ...and it will give mommy sewing time :)

Here are a few pics Michael took last weekend while we were in Greenwood.  I thought they were great so I had to share!
We saw the most beautiful sunset as we drove was perfect.

...loved this bridge that was all lit up.

P.S.  I haven't forgotten to tell all of you about our exciting news that I mentioned last week.  We are opening a small retail area in 106 Oak Street Place!  We have been working really hard to get our inventory ready and everything prepared.  Our first day open will be Monday the all you Laurel folks, come by and see us!

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. congrats on opening the retail area!! It does sound like a busy (and fun) week!