Thursday, July 15, 2010

hello Thursday

Hello all!  I think I am officially the worst blogger ever the past month...dang. 

We are officially settled into our little (and I do mean little) apartment in Hattiesburg..and we really love it here!  It's been so nice for Michael to be able to zoom to work on his bike in about 2 minutes, come home for lunch, then be home in a jiffy :)  I'm loving this.  Anne and I have been mostly spending our days setting up house, reading lots of books, and watching some great Disney movies.  It's been time well spent.  Once we get everything settled, I will post some pictures of the pad.

It's incredibly hot outside, so our time at the play ground and riding her bike has been limited to early morning or late afternoon.  I am welcoming the coolness of fall.  It will be so nice to go out without melting.  I did get to go for a run yesterday, which I was so thankful for!  It has been too long.  I really HATE running, but love when I do it.  I'm sure some of you runners understand the feeling.  Michael and I have decided to do the St. Judes half marathon in December...this means hot or not, I gotta get my booty to running :)  I'm really excited about this and know that I need to sign up NOW so I can't back out...which usually happens.

Today is going to be so mom and brother are coming to hang out and go to lunch with Anne and me, then we're off to the theater tonight to see Smokey Joe's.  It will be a day to remember!  BTW..I will be posting pics soon for sure....this is getting ridiculous!

Have a lovely Thursday, friends.
xoxo, Dawn


  1. yay!!! I so happy and excited that you guys are running the 1/2 in Memphis. Let me know when ya'll sign up. If I can talk Jody into running it with us, we may do that one instead of the one on the coast. That would be so much fun!! And I know how you feel about running. I get really pumped up about running and then we I get in to about the first 1/2 mile, I'm like why am I doing this but after I finish that run, i feel great!!

  2. WAAAHOO...i am running St. Jude's whole marathon and i think i have lesley talked into it as well...we can all hang out! YOU CAN DO IT!