Saturday, July 17, 2010

coming soon!!!

Today was a catch up day.  We finished up some special orders and some new hello dearie stuff, FINALLY took pictures of products from a few weeks ago, and cleaned the sewing room.  I'd say it was pretty darn productive!  My plan is to update the shop tomorrow.  Here are a few of the items you'll see...

a little apron...


these have been fun lately...they won't be in the shop, but if you want one let me know.  I plan to give these as baby gifts along with a favorite baby book.

 ...a few special orders...

Belle...the MSU fairy doll
*this one will be going to Sheri Taylor, but we would love to make one just for you*

...and this sweet guy was my photographer for the day :)

We are planning lots of fun stuff for this week while Michael is away teaching a conference.  We'll have to stay busy so we don't miss him too much...hopefully that will include lots of sewing :)

Have a great night!


  1. The photo shoot had a 50's style. Quite kitsch! Your stuff is so cute! Keep up the good work.

    Rochelle Pitts

  2. Guess my pictures weren't good enough for ya? Justtttt kidding yours are precious and you were right that dress was perfect. And I am in love with the owl pillow!