Thursday, July 29, 2010

a few new faces...

Cyndi has been working so hard on this new doll design.  I think they are adorable and love the fact that you can now take their clothes on and off...what every child LOVES to do!  We would love some feedback on what you guys think???

and here are some new fairies that will be going in the shop soon!  ...I love their new faces!

I just did it...

Registered for the St. Jude's half marathon...I'm soooooo nervous, and soooooooo excited!!! 

Monday, July 26, 2010

shop update :)

here are a few new faces that are listed in the shop...head on over to take a looksy :)

P.S.  thanks so much for the sweet comments over the past couple of days.  I am feeling much better.  Now just to catch up on everything!!!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

sick day...

Being sick has really put a damper on my Saturday...went to the doctor this morning to find out I have strep throat.  The worst part of all is having to lie down all day and think of all the fun stuff I'd like to be this.  The rest of our family had a day at the lake.

or this...I have actually started enjoying my nightly runs.

even this...I always love the end product of a clean house :)

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little brighter for me.  I have had the best care a girl could ask for from my sweet husband and daughter, though.  What would I do without them???

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

home again...

We finally made it back to our little home in Hattiesburg tonight.  It's weird that we've been gone for almost a week; it's almost like we're moving in for the first time again :) ...without all of the hard work.

Today Anne was in a little production called "Nora's Ark."  She was the cutest little bunny I ever did see.  I was a proud mama.

this was taken with my phone which is terrible...but it was all I had.

Tomorrow she has her first dentist appointment...hopefully we haven't had too much candy!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

busy busy day ahead...

*going with Brookie to nail down THE wedding cake
*lunch with a sweet friend
*sewing class x 2
*get to see my honey tonight in Meridian :) 

I stayed up way too late last night working on a project that didn't turn out.  I forgot to peel the iron off stuff off the back of the applique.  I felt like an idiot...So my cute little pillow sounds like it was stuffed with wadded up  Guess Anne has yet another Hello Dearie prototype :)

I'll leave you with a few of my favorite things lately...

pretty much blueberry anything...

really pretty favorite style for Anne this summer
 (all images via weheartit)
I really want to go camping...  

have a lovely Tuesday :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

this weeks to do list

We are already missing Michael bunches while he is away...we are trying to stay busy and be productive!

Here are a few things I'd like to accomplish this week.

1. photograph some new bunnies..Cyndi finished 10 this weekend..she is a beast!
2. shop update
3. clean out my car...I think Anne spilled grape slush about 2 weeks ago...eeeeekk!
4. lunch with an old friend
5. sewing class :)
6. swimming with Lesley
7. RUN-got to get ready for the 13.1

Well, that's all I can think of right now...I'm sure there is lots more, but my brain is tired and ready for bed.  good night all!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

coming soon!!!

Today was a catch up day.  We finished up some special orders and some new hello dearie stuff, FINALLY took pictures of products from a few weeks ago, and cleaned the sewing room.  I'd say it was pretty darn productive!  My plan is to update the shop tomorrow.  Here are a few of the items you'll see...

a little apron...


these have been fun lately...they won't be in the shop, but if you want one let me know.  I plan to give these as baby gifts along with a favorite baby book.

 ...a few special orders...

Belle...the MSU fairy doll
*this one will be going to Sheri Taylor, but we would love to make one just for you*

...and this sweet guy was my photographer for the day :)

We are planning lots of fun stuff for this week while Michael is away teaching a conference.  We'll have to stay busy so we don't miss him too much...hopefully that will include lots of sewing :)

Have a great night!

Friday, July 16, 2010

better late than never...

the beginning of something yummy...

before the oven...

yummy blueberry pie for the fourth of july!  It was completely gone, so I guess it was good!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

hello Thursday

Hello all!  I think I am officially the worst blogger ever the past month...dang. 

We are officially settled into our little (and I do mean little) apartment in Hattiesburg..and we really love it here!  It's been so nice for Michael to be able to zoom to work on his bike in about 2 minutes, come home for lunch, then be home in a jiffy :)  I'm loving this.  Anne and I have been mostly spending our days setting up house, reading lots of books, and watching some great Disney movies.  It's been time well spent.  Once we get everything settled, I will post some pictures of the pad.

It's incredibly hot outside, so our time at the play ground and riding her bike has been limited to early morning or late afternoon.  I am welcoming the coolness of fall.  It will be so nice to go out without melting.  I did get to go for a run yesterday, which I was so thankful for!  It has been too long.  I really HATE running, but love when I do it.  I'm sure some of you runners understand the feeling.  Michael and I have decided to do the St. Judes half marathon in December...this means hot or not, I gotta get my booty to running :)  I'm really excited about this and know that I need to sign up NOW so I can't back out...which usually happens.

Today is going to be so mom and brother are coming to hang out and go to lunch with Anne and me, then we're off to the theater tonight to see Smokey Joe's.  It will be a day to remember!  BTW..I will be posting pics soon for sure....this is getting ridiculous!

Have a lovely Thursday, friends.
xoxo, Dawn

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Thanks Eleise!  We were featured over at her blog can go read the interview here!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

turning a new leaf

I'm still here...

This week I just haven't been feeling the whole blogging thing...not sure why, so I decided to take a break.  Maybe I'm back now :)

We got the key to our apartment yesterday and will be moving in on Saturday!!!  We are really excited, but I kind of get a stomach ache when I think about all that stuff in our storage room..yucko..seriously. Hopefully once we get all settled in I can get back to regularly posting stuff on here.

What is it about change that always makes me feel a little sad?  We have been staying with Michael's parents for the past 3 months since our house sold, and you would think I would be dying to get our own place. While it will be wonderful to have some time with just us, I will definitely miss being here.  I am so very thankful for our wonderful family! 

I will share that I kind of have a new job...I am freelance writing for Demand Studios.  (thank you, Melody :) This will hopefully be one way I can bring home some extra $$$ this fall while I'm staying home with Annie Poo.  I am working on my first article right now and already feel like I have writer's block.

BTW...I did make the awesome Blueberry Pie, and it was delicious.  I have pics on the camera and will share them next week.  I also still have products that need to be photographed and a really cool idea for a mini photo shoot...just need a little time and a camera person :)

Well, hope you all have a lovely night!

Friday, July 2, 2010

blueberry pie for the 4th of July

I'm making this pie this weekend...I'll let you know how it goes.

I'm so excited about the 4th this year...we are Seeing Stars in downtown Laurel (our annual fireworks display), and getting together with family...happy times! 

What are your plans????

Also I will be doing a little shop update very soon...if not tonight then tomorrow :)

Have a great afternoon!