Thursday, June 24, 2010

wonderful wednesday

 (photo by Adam Trest)
Anne and I decided this was reason enough to join Adam for lunch :)

When we left there at around 2, I was thinking to myself, "what are we going to do until 6:30?"  (remember we are about 25 minutes away from everything, and I didn't really want to drive home and back again)

Then I remembered that I had been wanting to go to the Nasa Exhibit at the Lauren Roger's Museum.  As we drove there, I am explaining to Anne that we can't touch anything or run around, etc...  I was just a little nervous about taking a very active 3 year old into the museum.  When we got there, we ran into one of my previous students that reminded us of the family art class the museum offers on Wednesday...we were very excited to have found something else to fill our time!  

  Anne loved was so funny, when the teacher commented that she was using so many pretty colors, Anne said "when it's white, you gotta color it."  I loved this philosophy.  

When she was all done with her picture, we enjoyed a snack on the front lawn.


We finally made it into the museum to see the exhibit....


...making a solar system

..we ran into Ms. LeAnn and Anne's class from daycare. She was excited to see them, but very proud to be with her mommy!

We spent the rest of our time looking for the paintings on our scavenger hunt.  Anne took this pretty serious.

Once we left the museum, it was only 3 o'clock, which meant we still had around 3 hours to kill.  We decided to go see Toy Story 3.  It was a great movie, but definitely bring a tissue for all you mommies out there.   
I was so thankful to have a fun day with Anne.  I think I could get used to these kinds of outings :)


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