Monday, June 28, 2010

Let's make it happen...

Today was the BIG day...Michael got his first paycheck from the new job.  wait...don't get too excited.  We were quite disappointed when we realized how much would be taken right away with taxes, retirement, and insurance.  It made me question if I could really do the whole SAHM thing.  It was almost like a punch in the stomach...I am having the best summer ever being home with Anne everyday.  I took this and #1 panicked #2 cried a little #3 DECIDED to get MOTIVATED!!!  I can either get a job and pretty much work to put Anne in daycare OR work my tush off to create things for hello dearie.   I am choosing the latter.  Up to this point, hello dearie has pretty much been for fun or a creative outlet, whereas now I will need to rely more on the little income it brings.  I do know that God has always provided for us, and trust that we have made the right choice.  It really feels great to walk in faith :)

With all that said...I have to make myself a schedule of some sort...make a list and check things off.  I know so many of you are productive do you do it???  One thing I have got to do is get off this dang computer.  I am so addicted to reading blogs, facebook, twitter, google, and whatever my mind can think of and before I know it ALL of my free time is I alone in this? 

Anyway...sorry to dump all that out there.  I really am excited to have a little push to get back into "creative mode" :)  

good night



  1. YAY!!!! That's totally what you need to do. I'm excited to see what you create...and no you are not alone :)

  2. On the weekends when I have projects, I schedule myself to work like I do during the week. You are going to find a hole and not come out up you finish what's on your check list - speaking of, make check list of what you want to make that day! Don't overwhelm yourself or you won't enjoy what you are doing and get burned out.

    I'll send your site along to friends here! Hopefully business will pick up! love you guys!

  3. You can do it! ;) I am still trying to work toward this place (still working FT), but what I have found that works for me to be productive is to make lots of lists (I am very visual and need to see exactly what needs to be done), to keep my sewing room organized so I'm not wasting time looking for something, and to give myself manageable goals and prizes for finishing the goals I don't want to finish. Yes, I bribe myself :) I hope you enjoy this transition and see some results very soon!

  4. i had a really cool idea for you the other day! i have been meaning to call you for a few days now. i think you may like it!