Thursday, June 3, 2010

I just can't get enough...

of pretty florals.

see what I mean???  


okayyyyy.......I am being totally lazy about taking photos and uploading them to my computer...sorry.  I will definitely have some tomorrow because I am getting a new haircut in the morning and I will have to share it with you! 

I made two really cute aprons this week but I gave them to my therefore, I didn't get pictures.  I plan to get some more cut out tomorrow and sewn up this weekend to put on etsy, though!  I am super excited about it :) 
xoxo, dawn

1 comment

  1. I love the floral umbrella!
    I am looking forward to seeing the aprons you make! I made two last weekend as well (one for a friend, and one for the shop). I am still trying to figure out the best way to photograph aprons though because I don't have a dress form, and I don't want to make them all my size! I may get a few friends to help :)
    Happy Friday!