Monday, April 5, 2010

Our lovely Easter weekend

I am going to apologize ahead of time and let you know this will be a lengthy post...BUT we had such a wonderful Easter weekend, I have to do it justice!

Friday morning, Anne went to the Easter celebration at the church.  She loved getting to see all of her friends...especially Natalie!!!  She loves her Nat Nat!
these were the cutest little bunny barrettes we got a few months ago at Gymboree...

this is my beautiful friend, Stephanie.  She couldn't take a bad picture if she tried!

Next, we were off to Lee's to hear Keven Toqe play was great!

Brooke, Anne, and I had a girl afternoon after this...we went to Target and Hobby Lobby then made some things at Lee's when we got times!

We spent Saturday doing some cleaning (while Michael worked on homework.)  We did manage to find the time to have a little fun, though!  We made THE best sugar cookies with icing I have ever had.  Anne really enjoyed cutting out the cookies.

Anne got lots of goodies in her basket...and no candy!  Instead she got Craisins and trident gum (she is pretty obsessed with both.)

Next, we were off to our outdoor Easter was a little misty at first but so refreshing to be outside.

me with my handsome guy
Hagan and me...I love this girl

Anne loved seeing her friends again...and they looked so beautiful!
What better way to celebrate Easter than to witness a baptism!  The Lord is so good!!!

After church, we headed back to Gigi and Papa's for a seriously divine lunch of ham, homemade mac and cheese, green bean casserole, peas, sweet potato casserole, angel biscuits, fruit salad, Gran's coconut cake and strawberry pie, and Adam's bread pudding! 

Anne with her bunny Gran and Dink gave her.

Time to dye some eggs...

some hello dearie love...

hiding/hunting the eggs
 she was so proud when she found an egg.

Cyndi, Gran, and me

oh, how we love this little girl.  She has truly brought our family so much joy!



  1. this post and pics make me so the pic of the girls...was just reminded of how I will miss the Trests while off in Jaxon!! love yall!

  2. I can't really bear to think about it...every time I do, I start to tear up...seriously. We are gonna miss ya'll! But I know the Lord has orchestrated all of this and He will be glorified through it all!

  3. Looks like an absoultely perfect day! Just had to little Anna was so very happy that the Easter Bunny shopped Hello Dearie! She kisses and "oh-wee's" her newest Hello Dearie creation hundreds of times a day! You are the Best!!!

  4. aww...that makes me so happy! She is such a sweetie!!!