Thursday, March 18, 2010

sooooo....spring break has turned out to be way busier than I wanted...

#1 we have a purchase contract on our house now.

#2 we have about 20 bunnies in the works

#3 my husband and I have been on total opposite schedules...when I have been home, he's been away and vice versa.

#4 Anne and I have to be in a wedding Saturday night in Jackson--which means rehearsal on Friday night.

#5  I am just tired.

...on a happy note here are some of our new bunnies that are finished.  They are sooooo cute!  Especially the ballerina bunny!  It's so funny but every one we make I always say, "Oh, this is my favorite!"

well, I hope you all have had a lovely week!  I hope to get back on a regular schedule of blogging's been weird that days have gone by without even checking facebook.  :)


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