Thursday, February 4, 2010

rainy, rainy day...

can I just say, the weather has been YUCKO today!!!  I really just want a hot bath and my bed...not gonna happen, though.  Anne and I are going to meet with the stature group from church to run through the bootcamp program that starts next week! I am really excited to get back to exercising!  Since hello dearie started, working out has not been a priority to say the least.

Today I decided I was going to send my kids at school some mail...I know I would have loved to get something in the mail as a child!  I just sent them a sweet little postcard that said, "a note from school."  I know that's cheesy, but they will love it!  I tried my best to think of something good to say about each one of them....there was one in particular that was especially hard.  I do hope they enjoy it, though.

well, nothing too exciting is happening around here.  hope you all stay warm and dry.