Monday, January 4, 2010

We made our first Etsy sale!!!

Cyndi and I are soooo thrilled today because we made our first Etsy sale! I am super excited!!! By the way....I am typing this on my very own Mac book! This has been a pretty fantastical day!

I am also in the process of moving from my second grade classroom to my new first grade say the least, I am one tired cookie! But God is good, and I can see his hand at work in my life and am so thankful!

One sad thing is we have made tons of bunnies but I have misplaced my SD card for the camera and haven't been able to take pics yet...I am working on this asap! We decided that the girl bunnies needed some embellishing and have given them their very own string of pearls! ADORABLE!!! Now we are calling them our southern! We also bought a ton of fabric for more boy you guys out there with little men, get ready! They will be soooo cute!

Thanks for reading and I hope you all keep warm this week...I think it is going to be a cold one!

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