Thursday, January 28, 2010

spongebob legos.

today has been kinda blah...this week has actually been kinda blah. I have this sinus junk that won't go away....sigh. BUT tomorrow is Friday, and we are going to the coast because Michael is playing music! I am thinking this will be a much needed trip away from ordinary life, and i am looking forward to hanging out with friends that we haven't seen in a while! I really want to take Anne to the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center. I heard it was great. Have any of you been there?

One of my students told me today that he was getting spongebob legos, and I should come over to play...I know I am a grown up and this shouldn't have been a temptation, but there was something in me that longed to play as a child and not have ANY worries. I think I was born a worrier...

Update on the fam:
Anne: she is so grown up these days....she wants to do everything by herself! This makes me a little sad cause I miss being so needed. She is having a birthday next month--turning 3! She keeps going back and forth with word world or a princess party, but I think the princess party has won! So if any of you have fun suggestions for the party...PLEASE share! I think Aunt B and her friends may dress up as princesses and that'll be fun! She is also learning to ride her tricycle she got from Santa since we have had such pretty weather lately!
Michael: he is a busy little bee these days. He has started violin lessons-which he is loving! He is taking two classes for his PhD...and teaching full time! whew, I'm tired just thinking about it! I love this man, though...even though we haven't got to have a date night in who knows how long...(if you want to baby sit, let me know! haha)
me: I am just trying to adjust still to being in a new class after Christmas. It's really been a good change, though...this is such a great class of students! Cyndi and I are sewing when we can...which is not nearly as much as we would like. In the mean time, I am thinking too much about what may be in store for next year...change is so hard for me, but I think it is necessary right now. I just want to glorify the Lord and please Him! I HATE making important decisions!!!

Thanks to everyone for reading about our somewhat boring/exciting lives...we love you all!
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  1. Hi Dawn. I went to the Lynn Meadows DC before it was damaged by the hurricane, and it was wonderful. Anne will love it. Plan to stay for a while. Love your blog and your bunnies. Sue@Mason

  2. thanks Sue!!! ....and thanks for leaving a comment! ha

  3. thanks Steph! we will definitely take you up on that!