Thursday, January 21, 2010

just call me a debbie downer....

It's Thursday night! This is a really great thing, because tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! I thought about it tonight and decided my favorite days of the week are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday...once Sunday rolls around I am full of dread for Monday. I know this is no way to live my life, but at the same time I don't feel like I can fight it. It's just the way things are right now. BUT, I am learning to take things as they come. The Lord is giving me EVERY thing I need, not only to just get by, but to live life abundantly. I am so very thankful for my wonderful family...Michael Trest is the most caring, compassionate person I will ever know. Anne makes me forget all my worries and just wants to dance! The Lord is good!

So, since last weekend I have been in a kind of "funk". I really want to take better pictures of the hello dearie products, but have not been too successful--which I have not had too much time to devote to the matter. I am not going to let it get me down, though. I am going to look at it as a goal. And I feel there is only one way to go-UP!

I feel like this is the most depressing post ever.....sorry. I will try to cheer up and have a happy post soon!

**I think I need a new tattoo....this could cheer me up! :)



  1. I hope tomorrow is a great day for you!! I've been in a funk too!! I know how you are feeling. I have come to the conclusion that the weather has alot to do with mine. Today was a beautiful day and I was actually in better spirits! A new tat sounds awesome!

  2. funny, funny... I just re read my post of the day and I love our mood descriptions!! I'm in a slump and you are in a funk!! haha!! that is too funny!!

  3. did you say tattoo...I AM INNNNNNNNNN!!! let's go NOW!!!!!!!!!

  4. Maybe next weekend....? I just have to decide what and where I want it...