Friday, January 29, 2010

girls night in.

so, Anne and I ended up staying home this weekend instead going to the coast with Michael. When I found out we were going to be traveling and hour one way to the church they were playing, it didn't sound too fun...SOOOOO we had a lovely afternoon eating with my mom then a short visit at Lee's for some coffee to warm my bones! Anne got an Ariel umbrella yesterday, and she was super excited that she got to use it today...i wish i would have had my was definitely picture worthy to see her walking down Oak Street with her umbrella. Once we made it home, it was a mad dash to to get a warm bath and into our jammies! So far, we have watched The Swan Princess and are now watching Cars. We are missing our daddy, but having a very fun night!

Tomorrow we are planning to head north to Gigi's to hopefully have a productive day for hello dearie... it is so hard to get anything done during the week with school, but thank goodness for weekends!

Hope you all have a lovely night!

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