Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Products!

Cyndi, Adam, and I have stayed up wwwaaaayyyyyy past our bedtime the past two nights working on some new things. I think we have come up with 2 new bunnies that we are going to sell. They are so adorable and soft! We gave Anne the first one and she absolutely LOVES it...I really don't think she has ever taken to a stuffed animal this way ever. So, now we can say it has been kid tested!

We made a trip to Hattiesburg yesterday to see Disney's Princess and the Frog, and it was fabulous!!! And I recommend it to all! There were a few parts that were a little scary for Anne, but she really loved it. Tiana is my new favorite princess...I loved her life theory..."If you work hard enough and believe in it; you can do anything you dream." Well, that's my paraphrase of it anyway! It did inspire me to keep up the hard work in trying to make this business work.
Other than going to the movies, we made a stop by Hobby Lobby for some really cute new fabric! I am so excited about the bunny we made last night...SUPER CUTE! I will definitely have one in Anne's Easter basket!!! I promise to post pictures before the end of the week!!!

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