Thursday, July 11, 2013


Last week, we made the trip out to Stringer to the alpaca farm.  It was a great little trip and FREE!
If you know Anne at all, then you know she LOVES anything soft (stuffed animals, blankets, you name it.)  So, of course, she loves alpaca and all things made from it.  The family that owns this farm always comes to the farmer's market to sell all sorts of things made from alpaca, and Anne is always a customer.  She has started a finger puppet collection and spends her $5 weekly allowance at their booth.
Their hair just made me seemed like everyone had a different style!
They even spin their own yarn from alpaca fur.  So cool!
We had a really fun time!  
Oh, and I loved that Anne and Lily wore matching outfits.  Reminded me of my cousin, Jennifer, and myself as kids.  We would always try to match when we were together because everyone thought we looked alike.  Did you have a friend/cousin that you did this with?  I think it's definitely a girl thing.
xo, Dawn


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