Wednesday, October 19, 2011

hello change.

Today I started back to work full time with the company that I've been working with part time the past 6 months.  I'm super excited to be back to work, even though I'm definitely going to miss my days at home with Anne.  She's excited too though.  This girl LOVES school and meeting new people.  

We're also probably going to move back to Laurel soon.  Even though I've loved Hattiesburg, it will be nice to be closer to family and friends and church!
You just never know what's right around the corner.

In other news, have I mentioned how creative and talented my husband is lately?
This was one of his latest projects for a class.

P.S. I'll be back later today with my weekly wardrobe post.  I'm dying over my new coat and the fact that it's cold enough to wear it today!
xo, Dawn

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