Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So far, I am thoroughly enjoying this summer...Today Michael started his new job at USM (which he absolutely LOVES.)  I am beyond excited for him since he has really never had a job that he enjoyed :)

Anne and I started the day off by visiting the library for the little kids program they do on Tuesday mornings.  She loved it, of course!  We got to listen to Mrs. Jill read a story about pirates then make a pirate flag...so fun!  Then we dusted off my old library card and checked out 10 books...hopefully we can get them back without too many fines.  Anne got to spend the rest of the afternoon with Gigi and Papa, so that meant I actually had time to myself (which VERY rarely happens!)  I didn't really know what to do with myself, so I just sat at Lee's most of the afternoon planning the future with fun sewing/crafting activities ;)

I am so looking forward to going bike riding/picnicking with the Brady's this weekend...finally gonna get to try out my new bike!  Also planning a girl's beach trip next week....YAY!!!!!  ...this is where I want to be...

Good night all!  I hope to be back tomorrow with some cute things I've been making this week  :)

xoxo, dawn

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