Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thank you, Nana!

Anne received a package in the mail the other day from nana (aka Michael's grandmother from Pensacola.) We opened it up to find 4 of the most precious little dresses ever!  Of course, it's dresses that I would have never purchased myself because #1 I am CHEAP #2 Since we don't really dress up for church, there's not a whole lot of wear that will be happening....which goes back to #1-I can't justify spending money on something that won't get worn that often...I KNOW!!!! soon as she opened them, she had to have a little fashion show and try them ALL on!!!  She kept posing sitting on her knees, cause she liked the way it spread out on the floor :)

here are a few pics...ENJOY!

I absolutely LOVE this dress...I wish I had one in my size!

honestly...this child hates tags on clothing...always the first thing she does.

so, this is the last one she tried on, and she ended up wearing it all day :)

She is a little mess, but we love her oh so much!

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