Saturday, January 16, 2010

C'est la Vie!

So, today was a very relaxing and fun day! Cyndi and I had our serger lesson, which went pretty well considering the lady was totally unfamiliar with our machine! We were all learning together, though. I had planned to take pictures of our day, but my battery was dead...C'est La Vie!

I did carry my vintage purse that I got a few years ago! I kind of forgot that I had it.

We made a day out of Hattiesburg....visiting Stein Mart and Calico Mall in downtown. This was our first trip to the antique mall, and I was quite impressed. It is 5 levels packed with everything you can think of! I just kept saying, "I remember my grandma had this!" It was a walk down memory lane....I encourage you to take one if you haven't in a while...

Before we came home, we had to visit the little french bakery that we had heard so much about. We walked in, so thankful they were open, and almost everything was already sold for the day. But right in front was two little fruit tarts with our names on them....yummmm! Here are a few photos since by now I had charged the camera! :)

Happy Saturday to all!

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